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Thank you for your interest in CBIC Connect!

This community is designed for use by businesses in Charlottesville, Virginia and surrounding business ecosystems. Requirements for joining and participating in CBIC Connect are the following:

  1. You live or work in Charlottesville, Virginia or other communities in the Central Virginia region OR plan to locate to the the region, OR used to live or work in the region and want to continue to contribute to the community.
  2. You complete a FULL profile upon joining. Please complete the profile with your FULL NAME, TITLE, and DESCRIPTION of your business or service, and how you may relate to business in the region. Hint: when you fill in your TITLE, be descriptive as this will help others find you. (Example: if you're a lawyer, be sure to include "Lawyer" or "Attorney" in the TITLE field.)
  3. Your posts or questions should be relevant to business or commercial life in the region. Please no personal politics or personal attacks. Remain civil and courteous in your communication.
  4. Feel free to offer your services to the community (we want to help you get business). When doing so, be as informative as possible and again, be sure you to always have a complete profile so you can be easily identified by others who may wan to interact with you directly.
  5. We suggest you use a permanent email address (e.g. gmail, yahoo) when signing up in case you change your work address at some point.

Thank you again for joining us. As a community, we look forward to your input and to helping you in any way we can.

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